The electrical services offered by Torrevieja Electricians cover both domestic and commercial properties. During our 14 years on the Costa Blanca we’ve repaired and installed all sorts of  electrical appliances, from the humble home kettle to large industrial kitchens. In that time we’ve also come across some weird and downright dangerous electrical installations that would never pass inspection in any home or commercial unit in the UK.

In some cases it’s been a simple fix to repair the problem, but in others the unfortunate customer has needed to spend a fortune on a complete gut and re-wire. This is why it’s imperative to use a reputable tradesman trained and qualified in the work you require. When it comes to electrical services it really doesn’t pay to cut corners or hire your local ‘handyman’ from down the pub! Faulty or wrongly installed electrics can be a death trap, so get the job done right in the first place, and if buying a new property get a Home Buyers Report done first.

Electrical Services

Domestic Electrics

All types of domestic electrical services undertaken for private homes, from studio apartments to large villas. This includes perimeter lighting, outdoor lighting, pool lighting and internal lighting. Faulty or newly installed wiring repairs, from a single fault to a complete re-wire. Home and kitchen appliance repairs and installation.

Commercial Electrics

Depending on the amount of commercial work required, we are able to undertake a variety of commercial electrical repairs and installations. This includes wiring of electric gates, electric roller shutters and door systems. We offer repairs and installation of perimeter lighting, outdoor lighting and indoor lighting. Re-wiring and wiring repairs from a single fault to a complete re-wire. Repairs and installation of various industrial appliances.

Security Alarms & Lighting

Installation and repairs of a wide range of security alarm systems and lighting for homes and commercial units.

Air Conditioning Units

We offer wiring solutions to domestic and commercial air conditioning units, when too many units have already been wired to the same circuit.

Satellite Dishes

We do not install complete satellite dish units but are available to set up the required wiring needed.

Ethernet Cabling

These are the most popular forms of cables used on wired networks. They connect devices together such as PC’s, switches and routers. We offer repair and installation for all types of Ethernet cables.

New Fuse Boards

With new household electrical appliances being introduced to the market practically on a monthly basis, home owners are constantly overloading their fuse boards. Many Spanish properties have dated fuse boards that just can’t cope with modern electrical systems. Torrevieja Electricians offer installation of larger modern fuse boards with a better switch arrangement and more efficient overall distribution of power between the circuits.